Wednesday, March 11, 2015

What it Takes to Create Amazing Products: The stories behind the most unique, innovative and in-demand offerings produced by the 2014 W100

Great products and services don’t just happen. They take vision, market savvy, innovative thinking and no shortage of patience to survive development phases that can seem endless. But when they hit the mark, they really hit the mark. They win over customers, attract attention and lead to higher sales. In short, they can make or break a company’s brand.
Consider some of the work produced by the companies led by 2014 W100 winners. In the gallery below, you’ll see 12 of the most noteworthy, creative and unique products developed by the women on the ranking (with help from their teams, of course). You’ll find revamped spa uniforms, cosmetics for animals, cutting-edge microchips, Disney-approved children’s apps—and even a 1960s-themed boutique motel. You’ll get a peek into the development processes that spawned them and the creative ways they were brought to market. Hopefully, you’ll come away inspired to create your next big thing.

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